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Jesse is a guitar virtuoso who started playing at 8 years young. He is a nine time musical award recipient for his musical and guitar ability and is a highly sought after guitar instructor. Other artists and music producers have contracted Jesse to play and record for them for their musical albums.

Jesse has a passion for teaching and helping others learn, excel and achieve their goals. He is a NJ Dept. of Education double certified teacher. He teaches guitar at his private guitar studio, at the Warren County Community College Continuing Education / Enrichment programs and at the Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission / Adult Education programs and Youth Summer Camps. Here are the comments of some of his students that have enrolled in his guitar courses:

"Jesse Rivera is not only a man who loves his craft, he is also a fine
educator. He will have you up and running on the guitar, in spite of yourself and any self-consciousness or hesitations you might have had. In the presence of Jesse's enthusiasm and encouragement, it is hard not to play the guitar”

--Nancy Martinez
Peapack, NJ

“I began taking guitar lessons with Jesse Rivera in fall of 2001 through the Hunterdon County Adult Education program. I continued with small group lessons, and recently graduated to private lessons. I've made steady progress with the guitar, and feel confident that I will continue to grow. Jesse is a good, patient teacher who helps you to build both your skills and your confidence.”

--Ken Hughes
Lopatcong, NJ

“My experiences as a guitar student with Jesse have been both personally rewarding and satisfying. After three years of instruction I am able to play classical guitar to my personal satisfaction and to the satisfaction of my family. Mr. Rivera's methods are most effective for the student who is interested in playing the guitar in the shortest period of time. He is a true master of his craft, and offers an expertise unmatched at other studios.”

--Bebe Sellers
Annandale, NJ

“I have been taking the beginner's guitar course at an adult school. The instructor has gone over a lot of music theory that has been very useful to me, but there is practically ZERO hands-on instruction. After six weeks, there are still people who can't tune their instrument, and about half have dropped out. Jesse’s approach is much better.”

--Walt Lankenau
New Hope, NJ

“I have been learning from Mr. Rivera for over two years now. He has always been Patient with me and continues to introduce me to more guitar chords, songs and strumming patterns. It is a joy to play with Mr. Rivera and I thank him for all that he has taught me.”

--Samantha Hatton (Age 12)
White House Station, NJ

“I have been a private student of Mr. Rivera for over a year. He is a great guitar teacher. The methods he uses are easy to follow. It is very easy to learn from him. He is very skilled in classical guitar and can teach anyone to play. He moves at a fast pace that is full of new knowledge about playing the guitar. Learning the basics of playing guitar was smooth and he introduces the more advanced techniques with ease. Mr. Rivera is a great guitar teacher and a great person.”

--Brandon Comella
White House, NJ

“Jesse Rivera is an outstanding guitar teacher. He is one of a kind. The lessons are very educational, enjoyable, and full of surprises. I have been with Jesse since May 2006, I went to WCCC, took beginner classes even though I knew a few chords before I took his class, I wanted to get a fresh start and ever since his beginner class, you can see improvement. As Jesse always says, the key to improving is practice, practice, practice. It's such a joy to me when your teacher really loves what he does and it shows, you can't help but to improve in the way you play. No matter what style you want to learn, he knows it; From Country, Rock and Blues to Gospel, Classical, Latino and Jazz, whatever it is, he will teach it. Jesse's teaching skills are impressive and his fingering skills are awesome. He is a very special person, and a very good friend. I'm very happy I'm taking lessons from Jesse Rivera. He makes a difference in your life.”

--Kimberly Weisneck
Alpha, NJ

“I have had the pleasure of learning the guitar from Jesse Rivera for 4 years now. I began at the Adult School class and with Jesse’s skills and attention I continued to improve on the guitar. I have been playing every day for 4 years now and still meet with Jesse monthly to stay sharp. Jesse is a great teacher with outstanding guitar skills. He has worked with another student and I to put together a group and we perform in the local area. I would highly recommend Jesse Rivera for anyone interested in learning to play guitar.”

–Bill Sheedy
Somerville, NJ

“Jesse Rivera is a great guitar player, and just as good of a teacher. I
began taking lessons from him during the summer a few years back, and have continued taking small-group and private lessons with him ever since. Every week without fail, I learn many new things and become better at the things I had previously learned. I'd wager I learn more from Mr. Rivera in one lesson than I do in a day of school. I highly recommend any course he's leading, and I guarantee you will become a great guitar player faster than you can say tablature."

--Brett Scheuermann – (High School Student)
Annandale, NJ

“Having never played an instrument, having no musical Knowledge and being in my fifties, I did expect that taking a guitar class was going to be a challenge. I attended Jesse Rivera's beginner and next step courses and now several years later, I'm still playing. I have connected with a friend and we have the ability and most importantly the confidence to perform in public. Jesse's techniques are simple, fast paced, challenging and designed to have the student playing basic three and four chord songs in several weeks. It works, if one is interested and willing to practice - and then practice even more. Being a lefty and learning chord fingerings and positions in a right-handed world also increased my challenge, but Jesse was always patient and encouraging. Mr. Rivera excels at what he does. He teaches, encourages, motivates and is an inspirational person. I'm glad that our roads in life eventually crossed.”

-- John Buckta
Branchburg, NJ

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